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Tamsin Coxen

Tamsin Coxen


Are you hooked on television shows which trace the ancestors of celebrities? Or do you watch avidly when researchers try to track down heirs to fortunes? Do you wonder whether the stories your grandparents told you are really true? Have you thought about tracing your ancestors but don't know where to start or feel you don't have the time?

I can help!


Family history has long been a passion of mine: I love visiting record centres, viewing places my ancestors may have lived or worked and finding out their stories. I have been researching my own family tree for over thirty years: long before the dawn of the Internet! My hobby has taken me all over the UK, following up leads on documents and following in my ancestors’ footsteps to school, church and work.  I have also learned about my ancestors' emigration to Canada, America, South Africa and Australia and debunked the myth that previous generations all stayed close to where they were born!

About Tamsin Coxen

I taught Maths and then ICT for over 20 years before deciding on a change of direction. My analytical mind and familiarity with computers combine to make research a process I thoroughly enjoy. I am used to dealing with large quantities of data and seeking connections and patterns. I have a good knowledge of the Data Protection Act and privacy surrounding personal data. I am used to reporting my findings both in person and on paper and have the patience and perseverance to follow up leads with sensitivity and discretion. I have also used my research skills to follow the history of a building and find early pictures of a particular vintage car, incorporating my other hobby of driving a pre-war car, hence all the pictures of costume and cars!

What I can offer

 I can provide a range of services tailored to suit you. If you don't know where to start I offer a 'Taster Package' for a fixed price of £50. This makes a great retirement present or something for a special birthday. Alternatively, if you have already been researching and wish to go further, then I can produce a quotation for you based on an hourly rate. Finally, if you have been researching but now come to a halt, please contact me to discuss a bespoke solution.